Fertilization Consultancy

Consultancy services (of fertilisation, harvesting, irrigation) for the application in precision agriculture are based upon the integrated spatial analysis of the parallax of the characteristics of the crop during the different crucial growth stages of the plants.

For the detection of this spatio-temporal parallax, we use images of high resolution in multi-wavelengths and at appropriate dates which are taken either via non-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or satellites.

We also evaluate essential topographic and hydrographic elements, which together with the images contribute to the formulation of preliminary managerial zones. The recording of these zones allows the application of Precision Agriculture methods: In combination with measurements of physiological, pedological, climatic or/and cultivation parameters (e.g. pH, trace elements, sugars, water potential, yield) per zone, new zones of differentiated applications of fertilisation, harvesting, irrigation etc. arise.

In the case of fertilisation consultancy, the data derived from soil and leaf analysis. By using specialised software, the results of these analyses obtained by each zone are translating into the required doses of macronutrients and trace elements per zone and per cultivation stage.

Finally, the alternative fertilisation timetables and the zones that come up are being adapted to the further needs and restrictions of the producer, of the market of fertilizers and of the crop.