Large scale projects

The mosquito control large-scale projects that Ecodevelopment implements, ensure the collective protection and long-term monitoring of the nuisance with environmentally friendly methods which are based on the idea of Integrated Pest Control Management. They are projects for common benefit and are fundamentally addressed to Local Self-Government (Municipalities, Regional Units and Regions) and generally to Public Sector Entities. In 1997, Ecodevelopment assumed responsibility for the implementation of the first integrated mosquito control project after anti-malaria fight, in 165.000 hectares of rice fields on the plain of Thessaloniki achieving significant success. In the coming years, the company expanded its activities, providing control services to 10 from the 13 Regions of the country.

The organisation of the mosquitoes control project on a wide scale includes the following individual stages of implementation:

Determination of the area for the project application
Detection of the potential mosquito breeding sites
Occupational Planning
Sampling of mosquito larvae
Delimitation of the surfaces for spraying operations
Spraying operations
Surveillance of nuisance
Evaluation of the result