Commercial Pest Control Services

Solutions adapted to your needs…. Look undistracted your enterprise and let us to deal with your “tiny” problems

Ecodevelopment knows that each building has its unique pest control requirements depending on its structure, function, health and safety regulations, storage practices etc. We also know that there is not a single pest species that can be treated with the same method in one type of building or facility. Ecodevelopment provides customized protection programs tailored to your needs. We can work together in scheduled meetings in the field (on site) to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

Food Industry

We understand that the presence of a single insect may become a serious problem for you. This is why ECODEVELOPMENT develops protection programs that comply with HACCP specifications and exceed the requirements of any regulatory agency in Greece or abroad. ECODEVELOPMENT takes care, so that you can certify at any moment that you have taken all necessary measures to protect your products from insects or rodents.

Hospitals – Health Services

The Hospital Programs of ECODEVELOPMENT are particularly effective and environmentally compatible. It is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, emphasing on recording and analysing all those factors that render Hospital facilities hospitable and attractive to pests.


According to surveys, when a hotel customer has a bad experience due to pest presence, more than 90% of them transfer this experience to other 10 ... The sight of a cockroach on the bathroom floor, or annoying flies in the breakfast buffet could easily lead to loss of customers and harm the image of the hotel. With clients that arrive daily from all over the world and the presence of various “potential pest sites”, hotels are a particular challenge for our company, both in terms of effectiveness and of discretion as it’s appropriate to your hotel.

Restaurants – Catering

Customers spend more and more time to your restaurant and you would like to provide the best to them. They deserve to enjoy the relaxing environment and the meals you have prepared for them. But the annoying presence of pests can easily destroy the image that you have succeeded to build. Substantially, in practice, many pests are responsible for the transfer of microbes such as E.coli or Salmonella to humans through the food chain. Do not risk! The Integrated Pest Management program of Ecodevelopment can protect you from all the annoying invaders and their microbes. There are many methods including sanitation and exclusion practices in order to limit chemical applications to the minimum necessary.

Facility Management

Construction, real-estate companies and building managers (recreation resorts, commerce centers, airports, harbors, sport centers etc), should provide and preserve a pest free environment for their customers. Rodents, birds, mosquitoes and many other insects may become permanent visitors for your facilities, a fact relating to a great extend to the building structure and building landscaping. Dark or badly aired storage facilities, areas with difficult access, false ceilings and sub floors, air ducts and sewer systems constitute entry points where pests may thrive and grow unnoticed. Special constructions and configurations, such as biological purification, composting facilities, damaged or returned goods storage areas, artificial lakes, rocky spots, fruit trees and plants may considerably increase the variety and numbers of pest species. Ecodevelopment can provide a customised pest control program for your facilities.

Small Businesses

Small businesses rely on long term relationships with “loyal” customers. These relationships may be endangered by the presence of pests in your facilities or products. It is well known that most customers will rarely make oral of written complains if they will have a negative experience in your store. But it is certain that they will tell it to another ten customers as soon as they get out of it. Do not risk your reputation! We can work together to shape a protection program tailored to your needs and to what your customers expect from you.


Pests can invade any room that offers food, water and harborage and schools are not excluded from this rule. Given the sensitivity with which these places should be treated, they constitute a special challenge for our company. Our practices focus on the safety of children and are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, limiting chemical applications to the absolute necessary.