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For pleasant and safe summer nights...

The protection of your private place from mosquitoes has many specific features in relation to the area, surrounding environment, its position and any breeding sites that there are in your place but also in the wide area. Ecodevelopment knows mosquitoes like no other.

Do you breed mosquitoes in your backyard?

Have you ever considered that many of the mosquitoes which cause us trouble might have been bred and grown in our backyard?

Not only this is possible, but also it’s likely to happen. So, what can we do for not giving them the pleasure of drinking our blood? To follow the rule that prevention is better than cure. We can reduce the population of mosquitoes by eliminating mosquitoes breeding and growing areas. Consequently, we must find out which are the possible locations in our yard, garden or balcony that mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs. It is easy to do this, because there is a basic rule: «Mosquitoes lay their eggs into stagnant water».


So, what can we do? To be limited all those surfaces that they could be filled with water…

  • Keep water containers which are not used turned upside down or covered
  • Refresh and clean regularly the water in the animal watering troughs (at least once a week)
  • Remove the water that it is gathering into the plates of flowerpots at least once a week.
  • Cover or dispose old tires which collect rainwater.
  • Remove any leaves from the gullies and other drainage facilities.
  • Replace any broken water pipes which show signs of leakage.
  • Cover with a suitable material the ventilation ducts of cesspools.
  • Cover the boats to avoid rainwater gathering.
  • If we have a pool, it is recommended to run a cleaning filter for removing the eggs and mosquito larvae.


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