Remote Sensing


Remote-sensing in agriculture concerns the recording of cultivation spectral characteristics (namely how vegetation reflects the various wavelengths of solar radiation) through aerial and satellite imagery. The objective is to imprint in this way the spatial variability of farmland, so that the cultivation practices and inputs (fertilisation, plant-protection, irrigation, harvesting) could be applied at a more localised level.

The introduction of precision agriculture methods in Greece with the small plots constitutes a challenge for Ecodevelopment. For this purpose we have set up a unique, for Greek standards, expert team consisting of field agronomists and biologists, specialised in remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS).

We address to individual agricultural producers, groups and associations of producers, agricultural cooperatives, processing units as well as to public audit institutions. We provide affordable services of Precision Agriculture, fully adapted to the requirements and the capacities of our clients.

We contribute to the organisation of the production, to agricultural practices certification and quality assurance for competitive agricultural products with the minimum environmental footprint.