Rodent Control

The fragmented approach of rodents control at municipal level using applications of the form of “fire fighting” that isn’t based on a substantiated and integrated plan but mainly on response relating to citizens’ complaints, it is considered ineffective, presents risks due to toxicity of rodenticides and hardly may provide a basis for the implementation of an integrated rodents control programme. 

Ecodevelopment considers that it is necessary to draw up a serious and integrated plan aiming at the immediate address and elimination of the problem in all areas of the municipality. The control plan is based on a variety of conditions as recording of rodents’ presence, determination of crucial areas, assessment of intensity per area, detection of outbreaks and locations, documentation of the ongoing applications and their results etc. Ecodevelopment S.A. with the specialised expertise (know-how) that possesses and the highly qualified scientific staff, has undertook over the last five years rodents control projects in many municipalities of the country in both northern and continental Greece, which were successfully implemented.

The organisation of a rodents control project within the administrative boundaries of a Municipality includes the following individual implementation stages:   

  • Detecting and recording of crucial areas (streams, parts of sewage network, derelict lands, rainwater drains, spaces for collection wastewaters/wastes, areas of intense urban activity etc)
  • Enhancement of inhabitants and professionals’ testimonies for researching significant rodents’ outbreaks and the factors producing favorable growing conditions
  • Evaluation of the intensity in rodents’ presence per area in association with suppression activity through placing and surveillance of safety bait stations.
  • Maintenance of rodents’ extermination control network consisting of safety bait stations, of baiting drains and other crucial positions within the administrative boundaries of the municipality.
  • Imaging of check stations in cartographic bases.
  • Monthly check of baiting positions and replacement of preparations.
  • Surveillance of the fluctuation of the population of rodents and of observed change per area.
  • Delivering of progress reports and certifications.
  • Close cooperation with competent authorities and the administration of the municipality for information, certification and transfer of know-how.
  • Facilitation of any requested check and certification of all activities and their results.

The implementation of a rodents control project by Ecodevelopment S.A. leads not only to the identification and suppression of sizeable population of rodents established in the crucial areas of a municipality, but also to the determination of the measures which should be taken in the future so as the municipality not to experience problems with rodents. All actions that Ecodevelopment S.A. undertakes are characterised by discretion, effectiveness and environmental compatibility giving always priority to citizens and non-target organisms’ safety.