Ecodevelopment is nowadays the leading company in Pest Control Services in Greece. The head office is located in Filyro in Thessaloniki and maintains shortage areas of 700m² in Chalastra. Also, since 2005 operates offices in Athens. Standard equipment includes company owned vehicles (commercial, vans, jeeps, cars, etc.), all types of spray equipment, lab equipment, information-technology and office-automation infrastructure.



13 passenger vehicles for staff transportation
34 open - vans (2x4 και 4x4)
9 closed vehicles for staff and material transportation
3 jeeps (4x4)
1 four-wheel motorcycle 2x4
2 autonomous amphibious vehicles, wheeled-tracked, capable of moving using an outboard motor (8×8)
1 agricultural tractor unimog

Spraying Equipment

  • 30 conventional gasoline and electric sprayers
  • 3 on-board spraying devices equipped with cold/thermal fogging and electrostatic droplet generation
  • 13 gasoline and electric small portable Low Volume / Ultra Low Volume (LV-ULV) spraying devices, some of them with the ability for spraying granular materials
  • 5 heavy-duty diesel nebulisers of tiny volume (ULV-LV)
  • more than 80 backpack sprayers

Equipment of Aerial Surveillance

Ecodevelopment has one unmanned aircraft (eBee) for aerial photographing of the of high interest areas. For the photographing and data processing also has:

  • 1 camera RGB 12mp
  • 1 camera NIR 12mp
  • 1 multi-spectral camera 4x1.5mp
  • Management Software for unmanned aircraft (eMotion2)
  • Processing Software Postflight Terra 3D-for automatic production of orthophotomaps, terrain models and of photogrammetric performance


In the early 2009, the Company developed the pioneering Integrated Management of Pest Control Services ECODEV PEST MANAGER (EcodevPM), which utilizes and exploits the potential of modern technology at all levels (barcode, PDA, GPRS, internet, GPS, ERP & CRM, mobile telephony).