Quality Policy

Our goal is to establish long-term relations based on trust, providing services of high quality that exceed your expectations. The pleasant working environment, team spirit promotion, personnel’s continued training; provision and implementation of the most modern tools and methods, as well as institutionalised procedures (Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000) are the guarantees for achieving our objectives.

Policy of Heath and Safety at Work

By developing an Occupational Health and Safety Assurance System, based on ELOT 1801 standards, the company recognizes its responsibilities towards its employees and customers. This system aims to:

  • Protect the health and safety of employees and customers.
  • Compliance with the applicable legislation.
  • Recognise systematically the occupational hazards and take preventive measures.
  • Implement occupations at desired quality level with no accidents and damages of equipment and facilities.

Policy of Environmental Management

The company has established and applies an Environmental Management System in accordance to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. ECODEVELOPMENT S.A. by introducing the Environmental Management System aims to reduce the prevailing environmental impacts and improve its environmental performance.

Key principles of the Environmental Policy of our company are:

  • The reduction of generated wast
  • The rational management of wastes: alternative management, promotion of re-cyclability and re-usability.
  • The energy saving and energy exploitation.
  • The information and awareness-raising of the company’s personnel on environmental issues.

Ecodevelopment takes all the necessary measures to ensure your personal data protection. We apply a data security policy, rules and technical measures to avoid unauthorised access to our customers’ information. All employees are aware of their responsibility to protect customers’ personal data, by their commitment to the confidentiality policy and ethics of the company.

The company considers that the pest control is an environmental application-intervention. For that reason it fully complies with the principles of Integrated Pest Management aiming at the achieving of excellent-permanent results, minimising simultaneously the use of chemicals. At the same time it is committed to its policy for the protection of customer, employees and non-target organisms.

Ecodevelopment is a member and cooperates with the world’s largest pest control agencies participating with presentations and scientific articles in conferences and scientific journals. ECODEVELOPMENT conducts regular quality surveys to evaluate and conserve the level of provided services and to optimise the current control program. It use all the contemporary tools of high technology in the field of information management and tasks check-certifying as, GIS, GPS, BAR CODE, ERP and the specialised pest control system CRM. Your company is promptly provided with the necessary certifications and documents for your records. Biologists, agronomists, systematic biologists, chemists, experts in food safety and sanitation – all trained in pest control management. The scientists and technicians of Ecodevelopment have several years' experience in pest control management. The high scientific, technical and operational level is maintained and constantly developed through a certified continuous training system and high International Standards followed by the company.