Integrated Pest Management

In Ecodevelopment, as pest control experts we are proud for the reason that our work is beneficial for millions of people all over the world. Every day we contribute to the improvement of life quality making people safer, healthier and happier. Nowadays, new methods as the Integrated Pest Control Management, which emphasises on the minimizing of the use of chemicals and the removal of all those agents which parasites need to survive, make our work more effective and friendlier to the environment and the customer.

The only thing left to realise is that the effective control of all the «annoying intruders» depends not only on the quality of suppressive instruments but also on the way they are used. Even the best technology would be useless, unless exist the ability and experience for its exploitation. Ecodevelopment is driven by the contemporary demands of the profession that is practicing consistently for the last 15 years. Scientists and technicians of Ecodevelopment are properly trained in order to respond effectively and consistently to the requirements of the undertaken projects:

  • Take real advantage of all the means that modern industry offers in pest control.
  • Use all the tools of modern digital technology in the field of information management (GIS, GPS, Bar Code, ERP, CRM), for instant communication with the customer in task testing and certification.
  • Being trained to follow the instructions for use of formulations, to apply rationally safe methods and to work respecting the requirements and sensitivity of the customers and the environment.
  • Have the knowledge and experience to deal with problems in their scientific, technical, occupational and also communicative dimension.