Our services in RS


Plant Protection- Fertilization- Harvesting

Ecodevelopment provides applied remote sensing services in Agriculture. These services concern the aerial farm scanning and scouting with the use of contemporary non- unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, Drone), satellite imagery and sensors of high definition spatial and spectral analysis. Promptly, repeatedly and on real-time, the company provides early detection, forecasting and advisory and consultancy services upon cultivation issues such as Plant-protection, Ripeness and Fertilisation.  

Remote sensing supervision of crops aims at the efficient linkage with mapping parameters of production, such as soil characteristics, plant vitality, and plant stress with agricultural irrigation practices, fertilisation, harvesting and plant-protection. 

For the modern farmer-entrepreneurs, the most significant parameter in adopting Precision Agriculture models is profitability. But one that it should now be achieved at a rate higher than the rate of productivity growth such as the reduction of inputs (i.e. conserve resources), quality improvement, environmental impact minimisation and certification of the agricultural practices. 

For achieving this goal, it is required the cooperation (synergy) and coordination of a considerable number of scientific and technological fields and practices, such as Remote Sensing, Geo-informatics, Analysis and Image Processing, Statistics, Algorithms and Predictive Models, Telematics, Differentiated Application Technologies in the cultivated field and certainly accumulated and applied Agronomic Experience. 

Stages of project

1.  Firstly, we communicate with the producer. We recognise and note its needs and expectations. We identify all the crucial growth stages of the crop.
2. We use unmanned aerial vehicles or/and high resolution satellite images. We choose such dates that correspond to the crucial growth stages of the crop.
3. We accurately map soil heterogeneity using up to 12 satellite spectral channels and contemporary methods in Analysis and Image Processing.
4. We establish the zones of the differentiated applications – characteristics of the crop (fertilisation, ripening – harvesting, irrigation, crop yield, crop vitality, hot spots) adapting them to the technical and operational capacities of the producer.
5. We create, based on these zones, sampling plans in acquisition of soil samples, leaf analysis et al., taking into consideration the cost of these analyses or other possible restricting factors.
6. We provide fertilisation consultancy per zone based on a thorough statistical analysis for the evaluation of the significant differences between the findings and their importance in the production and quality of the product.